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Retirement Plan Services

Pushkin & Pushkin, Inc. provides consulting, administration, record keeping, and actuarial services to sponsors of qualified retirement plans. Having a well designed benefit program helps you attract quality employees and helps you retain current staff. Our benefit plan design professionals can help you create a benefit plan that meets the needs of the employer and employees.

We start by reviewing your overall needs and then work with you to devise a benefit plan that will meet your benefit objectives as well as complement your compensation philosophy. We will assist in the design, installation and administration of your qualified retirement plan.

Our services include:

Plan Design
Customized pension, profit sharing and 401(k) plans to fit the financial and benefit objectives of the employer. Monitoring plan to stay in compliance with changing law and benefit environment.

Document Preparation
Availability of pre-appproved Pushkin & Pushkin, Inc. sponsored prototypes. Preparation of individually drafted plans to fulfill special needs of the employer. Filing plans with the Internal Revenue Service for a favorable determination letter. Creation of the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and other employee disclosure notices.

*  Data collection and analysis (trust asset reconciliation upon request)
*  Preparation of a comprehensive defined contribution or defined benefit valuation
*  Preparation of individual benefit statements
*  Preparation of the ERISA Disclosure or Summary Annual Report
*  Preparation of Form 5500 series filing with accompanying schedules for Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service
*  Perform all necessary non-discrimination testing
*  Monitor plan operation and documents for compliance with current legislation and regulation
*  Prepare distribution election forms and coordinate benefit payments
*  Prepare IRS forms 1099R and 945 to report distribution
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