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Lost Earnings Valuations

Pushkin & Pushkin, Inc. can provide actuarial analysis, expert reports, and testimony to assist in arriving at estimates of economic damages in various types of litigation. When provided with information about an injured worker, such as the worker's occupational history and residual functional/vocational ability, we can arrive at present value estimates of future lost earnings capacity. Other categories of economic loss may include employer's contributions to fringe benefits, employer meal costs and preclusion from performing personal services

At Pushkin & Pushkin, Inc. our expertise is employed to assist triers of fact in determining economic loss associated with the following:

*Personal Injury
*Wrongful Death
*Employment Discrimination
*Wrongful Termination
*Structured Settlements
*Marriage Dissolution
*Fringe Benefits
*Life Care Plan Evaluation

Through this site you may download the data collection forms that we require so that we may begin analysis:

Personal Injury Downloadable FormsWrongful Death Downloadable Forms
• Personal Injury Data Form  • Wrongful Death Data Form
• Loss Household Services Data Form  • Loss Household Services Data Form
• Printable Curriculum Vitae

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For further information regarding our ability to assist you and your clients specifically, please feel free to contact us directly.
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